Construction Clean Up & Parking Lot Maintenance

Construction Clean Up

Post-construction cleaning is one of the most important and stressful phases of your newly built or renovated project. Whether newly constructed building or renovation, we focus on providing efficient construction clean up services in Albuquerque! At ABQ Power Sweeping, our highly experienced cleaning specialists will leave your post-construction project site spotless.

Our cleaning crew has been thoroughly trained in this discipline, not only will we make sure that your space gets cleaned at a much deeper level, but we’ll also ensure that our work exceeds your expectations. ABQ Power Sweeping—expertise you can trust!

Parking Lot Maintenance

Parking lots consist of much more than just parking spaces; from crosswalks and fire lanes to handicap areas, each of these serves an important role and is crucial to any parking lot. Routinely upkeeping your parking lot not only improves your property’s appearance, but also ensures its consistent functionality—which is exactly what we aim to do here at ABQ Power Sweeping!

It’s unavoidable—at some point, every property’s parking lot will need maintenance. From ridding of trash and debris to repairing old, cracked lines, we provide a wide range of maintenance services to business owners across Albuquerque, from big corporations to smaller, local businesses.

If your parking lot needs to be revamped, look no further than ABQ Power Sweeping and let our experts get the job done!