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The first impression of any property is undoubtedly the parking lot and streets leading up to it—so why not make it a great one? ABQ Power Sweeping helps you achieve exactly that, providing services to clean and maintain the outside of your property! Meeting your time and workplace demands, we operate to the highest standards, ensuring each job is completed on time and with little to no disruption to your business. We also recognize that the safety and convenience of your staff and guests is crucial, and work to safely and efficiently complete each project. With 20 years of experience and a passion for serving our community, trust ABQ Power Sweeping to upkeep your parking lot and streets!

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Power Sweeping

A parking lot is no place for trash, yet traces can always be found. Whether accumulated from daily use or blown in by the wind, it's common for parking lots to gather plenty of unwanted debris—and for owners to want it removed immediately! ABQ Power Sweeping uses the latest tools and techniques to quickly clean any parking lot of any size. From sidewalks to streets and even buildings, our team is experienced in power washing a variety of property components, removing trash and revamping its appearance! For all your power sweeping and pressure washing needs, turn to the experts at ABQ Power Sweeping!

Our Other Services


Adding to a business’s impression are the streets surrounding and leading up to it. ABQ Power Sweeping works to beautify and clean these spaces with Albuquerque’s most trusted street sweeping services! Our sweeper trucks are powerful and agile, ridding streets of built-up dirt, debris, and trash with sprayers, bristles, and beyond. The result is a revamped street space, and one that beautifully complements your business! If you’re looking for street sweeping services in Albuquerque, look no further than ABQ Power Sweeping!

Clean Up & Parking Lot Maintenance

Construction teams often leave behind traces of their work, ranging from hazardous debris to dirt and dust. Such waste can diminish the appearance of a business and put both guests and staff at risk, that’s where ABQ Power Sweeping comes in. Additionally, we provide minor parking lot repairs, from restriping lanes and parking spaces to restenciling a handicap sign, ABQ Power Sweeping is your trusted go-to for parking lot maintenance! Our goal is to enhance Albuquerque businesses by creating a clean, organized space that staff and guests can easily navigate through.


From built-up grime and grease to walls that appear dirty and dingy, failing to maintain the outside appearance of your property can have unsightly consequences, and even worse, a negative affect on your business. We specialize in cleaning sidewalks to remove dirt, stains and gum. Our thorough process includes hot water to clean the sidewalks, a surface cleaner to remove stains from sidewalks and then a pressure wand with hot water to rinse the area. At ABQ Power Sweeping we leave 100% excellence on your cement!


Our porter services focus on the appearance of your business so that you can focus on what matters—running it! We complete everyday tasks such as cleaning, picking up large, visible trash from sidewalks and parking lot, changing trash liners and keeping receptacle lids clean and sanitized. We ensure that environment is consistently clean and upholds the highest standards. For your convenience, we also provide vacancy cleaning when needed. Turn to ABQ Power Sweeping for the leading porter services in Albuquerque!

20 Years of Experience & a Passion for Serving our Community

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