Full Service Sweeping

We’re proud to enhance the look of New Mexican properties by providing full service sweeping to all of Albuquerque! ABQ Power Sweeping understands that the impression your business leaves customers is crucial, and begins before walking in the doors. While parking lots and side streets are normally dirty and filled with debris, we work to transform them into clean, beautiful spaces.

From big areas to small, local business lots, ABQ Power Sweeping immediately renews the looks of any size space, ridding them of unwanted trash, debris, dirt, and more. For all your full service sweeping needs in Albuquerque, turn to the best—ABQ Power Sweeping!

Parking Lot Sweeping

Look around every Albuquerque parking lot and you’ll find one thing to be consistent—trash. Whether blown in by the wind or accumulated overtime, unwanted debris and dirt always tends to make their way into parking lots. Not only is this waste unwanted, but it can also pose serious health and safety hazards, and therefore put a business at risk.

Using our line of industry-leading sweeper vehicles, ABQ Power Sweeping transforms dirty parking lots into beautiful, well-kept spaces. Beyond improving the appearance of your Albuquerque property, parking lot sweeping also helps maintain a safe and functioning area, removing dirt and debris from important signage, fire lanes, crosswalks, and beyond.

If your business’s parking lot is in need of a sweep, there’s only one place to call—ABQ Power Sweeping!